Prometheus - Cyberdyne Division Security Host

Device Rating: 6

Attack: 7
Sleaze: 6
Data Processing: 9
Firewall: 8

Status: Running Silent

The sculpting of the Host is the post-apocalyptic world of the Terminator franchise. Some dilapidated buildings serve as entry portals to various Host functions, including that of the Corporate Host. The Deckers can move around freely in the Host until they are spotted, then, the various forms of terminators start to swarm them.
Security Response
The sequence of security response is described in the following table. The response does not start until the Host is made aware of the threat:

Round Launched Type Sculpting
Always Patrol Hunter-Killer Flying Drone (1/5 rounds)
1 Probe HK-Tank
2 Killer T-800 Terminator
3 Black IC T-1000 Terminator

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Prometheus - Cyberdyne Division Security Host

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