Prometheus Cyberdyne Division Foundation


An impossible Japanese influenced wooden tree house city nestled in the arms of a massive great Bonsai tree scraping the sky at nearly a thousand feet. There are massive open wooden platforms coupled to different sections with stairs, skyways, rope bridges, and the occasional zip line. All the structures allow the natural branches of the tree to pass through them, with little rings of stone and wood marking their passage up from the floor, and out through the ceiling. The only sound is a gentle breeze that caresses the structure and the tree, and the air is filled with twinkling firefly like lights, butterflies, and 6" diameter Will O’ Wisps that wink in and out of existence. The entire atmosphere conveys calmness and serenity. Japanese influences of art and architecture are everywhere, mixed with western new age philosophy, and some other far eastern cultures thrown in for good measure. The time of day is night, right after dusk, and the scent of jasmine, oleander, and fish oil fills the air.


Minor Variances:
Appearing dressed in anything but ancient Japanese garments

Major Variances
Loud noises and combat.

Foundation Rules:
Reference (p 110 DT) for Setup of Cyberdeck before taking the plunge

Node Actions: (p 113 DT)

Nodes and Data Trails

In the center of the city is a massive glass bowl, 30’ in diameter supported by tree branches that seem to have grown up and around it to support it. It is filled with fresh crystal clear water. In the center, growing in a floating mass of earth and roots is a massive willow tree with white bark. A stream of butterflies flows out of its branches towards a traditional Shinto Gate painted red and gold. The Butterflies loop around the gate, and then proceed back into the branches of the white willow tree.


A wooden half channel pipe channels water out of a crack near the water line of the glass bowl down through the branches into a little Japanese house some 30’ down the tree, nestled in massive branches, surrounded by a wooden platform that rings the structure. The half pipe channels water in through the roof, and another channel of water, built into the deck surrounding the house, leads it into a hollowed out branch, with its top opened at several areas along its length to see the flowing water. It flows into a large doorway cut into the side of the trunk of the Great Bonsai tree, and has elaborate carvings of fantastic imagery all around the opening. The water then flows out from the great tree again, out of one the mouth of a beautifully carved coy fish in the carvings surrounding the opening. It flows, UP HILL, back to the little Japanese house, on a massive leaf from one of the branches supporting the house, and then is gently dumped into a beautiful reflecting pool, filled with fish, just outside the door of the little structure. The pool is built into the deck in such a way as it looks like every single board ringing it was custom cut and fit to purpose.

You notice lines of Leaf Cutter ants carrying their parcels of cut leaves across a highway of water lilies from the White Willow in the glass bowl pound to the supports of a little rope bridge leading to a broke down shack off to the south on some branches.


One line takes leaves to the shack on the right hand hold of the bridge, while the returning line comes back the left hand hold, down the support, and across the boardwalk to the glass bowl and its little highway of water lilies.

A little wood and stone channel carries fish to the right pillar of the Shinto Gate from some un-scene source in the walk way 4 steps above you to the north. The fish enter a hole in the pillar, which is embedded in a tiny pool at the termination of the channel, and don’t come out. A stream of smoke emanates from the Shinto Gates center, nearly 12’ in the air, and trails off into the leaves, lush plants, and branches of the Great Tree to the West.


Once the Archive is found, he answers questions only in one or two word responses. His image is similar to this:


During the course of their first conversation, a terrible roar will pierce the tranquility of the setting like a dagger through the heart. The Archive, completely unmoved by the blood curdling scream will simply say, “The Guardian”

The Foundation is guarded by a Guardian, which looks like this:


It will respond to any Variance, and patrols with Perception with a frequency of 1/5 rounds. It uses the following Stat Block:


Prometheus Cyberdyne Division Foundation

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