Aztechnology Security Host

Device Rating: 9

Attack: 12
Sleaze: 9
Data Processing: 11
Firewall: 10

Status: Running Silent (-2 to all rolls)

The Host architecture is composed of a massive Mayan temple in the clearing of a massive steaming jungle. There is a blood alter at the apex of the temple that is the security node used to control the entire building. The Archive access point is located at a giant gold water fountain at the entrance of the catacombs deepin the bowls of the ziggurat. Files are accessed at a fountain located in the catacombs. IC can take many shapes, from a Condor to a Mayan warrior. The Host is administered by a Spyder, who appears as the Mayan high priest. His attacks are delivered by waves of Mayan warriors instead of a physical instrument carried by his Icon. Attacks launched in such a way, carried by these Mayan warrior constructs are NOT Sparkys or Black IC.

The interface for the Archive appears as a giant gold and stone water fountain, with Quetzal Cuatal himself spilling water out of his mouth. The files appear as stone tablets that are brought into and out of the walls by massive constrictor snakes, the files carried in their mouths. The snakes are constructs, nothing more.

Security Response
The sequence of security response is described in the following table. The response does not start until the Host is made aware of the threat:

Round Launched Type Sculpting
Always Patrol Andes Condor
1 Marker Monkey
2 Probe Jaguars
3 Scramble Boa Constrictor
4 Sparky Crazed Mayan Warriors
5 Black IC Cuatal
6 Sparky Cannibal Warriors

Security Spyder


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Aztechnology Security Host

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