Altered States

Device Rating: 4

Attack: 4
Sleaze: 5
Data Processing: 7
Firewall: 6

Status: Active

The Titanic from the movie Titanic. Until the alarm is raised (the host spots them) its sculpting remains that of the Movie Titanic during the nice parts of the ocean cruise. The patrol IC appear as stewards, and examine each avatar that comes close. Augur suggests that Ashley hid the file in the safe in Billy Zane’s stateroom, where the heart of the ocean was kept (unless Sable suggests this first). Patience shows up 3 rounds after they enter, sculpted as a black widow from a 1940’s thriller. She attacks them immediately and raises an alarm if none has been raised yet. She can only attack them when she spots them with a successful Matrix Perception test (they may decide to hide). Once the alarm is raised, the sun sets in a blink of an eye to full night. The ship is rocked by hitting the fabled ice berg, and IC is launched.

The safe does indeed contain the files placed their by Ashley. But they’ve been laced with a Data Bomb (Rating 5) that will destroy the file if they dont’ disarm it. This requires the following

Matrix Perception [Data Processing] (vs. DP 10) to spot
Disarm Data Bomb (vs. DP 10) to disarm it.

Security Response
The sequence of security response is described in the following table. The response does not start until the Host is made aware of the threat:

Round Launched Type Sculpting
Always Probe Water Rushing In
1 Blaster Steward
2 Killer Billy Zane
3 Tar Baby Billy Zane’s Henchman



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Altered States

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