MCT Foundation

MCT Host Foundation

Device Rating: 10

Attack: 13
Sleaze: 10
Data Processing: 12
Firewall: 11

The Yomi or ancient Japanese afterlife. It is identical to the real world but muted and shaded. This sculpting is the area around Mt. Fugi with some liberties taken with actual physical distances and sizes of features. The land is inhabited by shades of the dead that stat as ghouls. Gods and dragons walk the Foundation, and expect certain behaviors. The certainly expect Japanese deference and honor. Lack of this will trigger a Major Variance.

This Foundation is unusual. For certain tasks, the VR datas tream is ramped up to give the users full access to their mental abilities, and denies Deckers the ability to emulate certain skills. This was done to force the Foundation maintenance crews to work together, and have the right combination of skills to make any significant changes. This is an added level of security unprecedented in Foundation design. It prevents Hackers alone traveling through the Foundation. Each team has to have the right combination of skills, or they will be ripped apart by the denizens of this virtual underworld. This is typical MCT security and arrogance.

Portal – Yellow Springs surrounded by ancient and decaying fountain like masonry located at the head of the Hi river. River flows to a Zen Garden (Scaffolding Control)

Scaffolding Control – Massive Zen Garden in the middle of the Aokigahra forest. The river runs to it, and a small branch of it falls into a black hole in the middle of the sand. Wind blows from the trees right up the river back to the Yellow Springs. A beam of light shines down from Mt. Fugi and illuminates the garden in divine light.

Master Control Node – Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun. She dances near a cave on Mt. Fugi, hiding from her brother Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon. She shines light on the Zen Garden, and Tsukuyomi, who wanders in the forest of Aokigahara. He, in turn, hurls flayed ponies at her loom (from miles away down below), which is destroyed, fades away along with the pony, and fades back into existence. She shines a 3rd light to Susanoo, her other brother and God of Summer Storms who floats in a storm high above the peak of Mt. Fugi. He in turns hurls lighting down into Amaterasu’s body, which doesn’t harm her, but seems to invigorate her.

Null Node – Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon. Hurls flayed ponies at his sister, Amaterasu, repeatedly smashing her loom. He wanders around the forest finding conveniently placed ponies to slaughter and fling up at her.

Security Control Node – Susanoo, God of the Summer Storms. He hurls lightening into his sister, Amaterasu, and receives her beam of light. He hurls lightening at a distant cavern blocked by a boulder near the coast. This is the entrance to the underworld, and he Archive of the Foundation known as Yomatsuhirasaka.. The only way to gain an audience with Susanoo (who floats 100s of meters above the peak of Mt. Fugi in a raging storm) is to present him with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the “Grasscutter Sword”, found in the tail of Yamota no Orochi, the 8 headed Dragon. Once given the offering, he will descend and move the boulder blocking the entrance to the Archive, Yomatsuhirasaka.

Slave Control Node – The Sea! It sends a stream of evaporating water up to the storm surrounding Susanoo. Stepping into it grants the telepathic access to all devises linked to the Host.

Archive – The Cavern of Yomatsuhirasaka. Once Susanoo grants access, the Archive is completely available.

MCT Foundation

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